(The Institute for Hypostatic Science, including its related Brotherhood Project and various initiatives, was dissolved on January 18, 2022.)

The Institute for Hypostatic Science welcomes those with a commitment to the advancement of human spiritual evolution to these pages of introduction to its work.

Seven streams inform the striving of our school. For an introduction to them, click on the button for The Center for Interconvictional Diplomacy (CID).

A Note on Constitutional Matters

An essential element of the work of the Institute for Hypostatic Science and its related Brotherhood Project involves the awareness of form in any organism as constituting the expression of impulses that can reveal themselves in that form, as the blossom might be said to reveal what is latent in the seed.

IHS participants have witnessed the evolution of a form constitutionally that is composed, at this juncture in its unfolding, in the following elements:

A "Centersight Advisory Circle", responsible for the overall cultivation of the IHS' unfolding initiatives with "centersight" for certain dimensions of them. Centersight is a term coined within the IHS to refer to the principle of administration that does not make use of the image "above to below" (as connoted in the term "oversight"), but, rather, of an image involving the relationship of the center of a circle to its periphery. The work of the Centersight Advisory Circle is expressed in the activity of a Secretary for Communication and Ethics, a Secretary for Affairs of the Work Itself, and a Secretary for Hospitality.

A group of meditants working with the IHS lessons, preparatory to work with lessons of the First Class of the School for Spiritual Science established by Rudolf Steiner at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland at the Christmas Conference of 1923. (For more information about the School in English, see www.anthroposophy.org/about/the-school-for-spiritual-science/.) The Institute for Hypostatic Science has no formal relationship with the Anthroposophical Society in America or with the General Anthroposophical Society in the world, though a number of its participants are members of the national and/or world Society and/or of the School at the Goetheanum.) At the core of IHS striving is its function as a vessel for forces of schooling in the tradition of Western esotericism as conveyed especially by Rudolf Steiner. For information about this aspect of IHS activity, click on the (IHS) button.

A "Centersight Liaison" for this and each of the other IHS initiatives, responsible to represent the impulses behind the initiative for which they bear centersight responsibility to those interested in the work of said initiatives. At present there are Centersight Liaisons for the following initiatives in addition to the Schooling Initiatave (in chronological order of their emergence):

We work in a spirit that seeks to unite the highest ideals of humanity with the personal life of the soul. There is much suffering on the Earth due to the conflict between these ideals and what human beings actually find possible for themselves on a personal level. Those with an interest in the relationship between universal ideas and the forces of the psyche may find out more about our work in this area by clicking on the button for The Center for Psychosophical Studies (CPS).

We are united in the sensibility that sees the necessity for social renewal based upon a consciousness of the demand of our age that brotherhood in the economic life be cultivated. For information on this aspect of our work, click on the button for The Brotherhood Project (BP).

Confrères Productions works to create vocal, choral-orchestral, and musical stageworks that participate in the spirit of an art seeking to contribute to the transformation of human existence (CP).

Gender issues form a core dimension of the thought-life of our culture. The Symposium of Philadelphia is a spiritual-philosophical order for men dedicated to deepening thought about these issues (SP).

An impulse for medical work out of hypostatic science began to make itself felt in 1995. Around this impulse, a "Community of Hermes" has arisen within the IHS.  For a word about this matter,  click on the (CH) button.

With the emergence of the Sexual Revolution have come entirely new challenges and expectations in serious occult work as it impacts and involves youth. A consciousness of these challenges and expectations underlies the efforts of The Youth Initiative (YI).

The Order of Etheria is an order for women committed to grasping the impulses of the second coming of Christ in the etheric (OE).

Individuals who are participants in the Brotherhood Project without involvement in the meditative work, but who have committed themselves to the ideals of universal brotherhood it seeks to make practical.

A Note on the Leadership of the School

Like the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum, the Institute for Hypostatic Science is a school whose "teachers" exist in supersensible worlds. The ideal of such a school is that, out of the respect for human freedom that characterizes any divine being, its participants will cultivate a quality of seriousness about the need for initiative in matters pertaining to their own development and to the furthering of human spiritual evolution as a whole that results in activity arising from the impulses within the individual soul rather than from those that can be given by any outer guide.

Nonetheless, there remains (and will always remain) a need on the Earth for those who can experience themselves as perceiving phenomena of spiritual worlds hidden to normal, workaday consciousness to find contexts within which their own freedom can be given due outlet, in service to humanity and to spiritual worlds themselves, who want to be known. John Stirling Walker is the individual centered around whose work a Center for Interconvictional Diplomacy was able to emerge through a founding conference in Cheyenne, Wyoming in April of 1999. As the seven streams of immediate concern to the work of the CID have come to inform the striving of the resultant Institute for Hypostatic Science, the question of the nature of his ongoing role in the unfolding of its labors has found answer in the establishment of a Governance Board within which he is able, with the aid of colleagues on the board, to exercise his role of protecting the impulses seeking expression through the work of the Institute for Hypostatic Science and facilitating their access to humanity, encouraging, with them, the highest level of striving in all things esoteric and in all things practical that flow from insight into the demands of our age. The Governance Board operates as a Wyoming corporation under the name Third Threshold Ministering (TTM).

Access to the manuscript, "21st Century Initiation Science and the Idols of America", is available by clicking on the (Idols) button.

Access to the manuscript, "The Parousia in the Shadow of Michael's Greatest Opponent", is available by clicking on the (Opposition) button.

Access to the manuscript, “The Presence”, is available by clicking here.

Access to the essay, “Christ vs. Barabbas”, is available here.

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