Christ vs. Barabbas


Each and every one of us is being faced, as the Consciousness Soul age progresses, with a choice, one that is coming to take on the greatest intensity from moment to moment to moment:  Are we going to free Christ within ourselves, or Barabbas?


As the twentieth century drew to a close, the great change that occurred when the legacy of Bolshevism was finally overcome was overlooked by those who most needed to recognize it as the turning point toward Christ or toward Barabbas.  Bolshevism, which summed up all of the Cain-type resentment of history as the Earth became a world economy, was able to insinuate itself beginning in the Slavic world under the cover of World War I--the "War to End All Wars" that was actually the beginning of ceaseless warfare as those prevailed in the world whose naive idealism masked endless ignorance as to the real origin of the shedding of human blood.


There are powers that see in the human body and in its blood, especially, the possibility that what occurred at Golgatha can become a permanent practice:  The seeding of the Earth with blood, which these powers, as in the case of all demonic entities, see as the key to asserting a permanent and ever-intensifying dominion based on their undying desire to manipulate and control the material element through elemental worlds.  If they can make the shedding of human blood a practice seen as inevitable because the Representative of Humanity had to endure it--and He is, after all, the Type and Pattern, whose Cross we must also take up in order to follow Him--they can subvert the very nature of that great Sacrifice, which was to make all subsequent bloodshed completely unnecessary.


The powers in question are at work in the astral world, producing an atmosphere of resignation to the inevitability of war.  Through this means, they seek to make the human race a kind of vast butcher shop, whose blood and flesh can serve their own acquisition of the greater and greater mastery of elemental worlds that is the key to their control of the material:  What can be torn to shreds after being formed reveals the secrets of its formation to these powers.  In this way, these entities learn the mysteries of Creation on a path that is the opposite of that taken by entities that want to know anything they know only by cultivating love for what can be known.


When the Berlin Wall fell, the agenda of these powers of resentment was thwarted, because it thrived on the power it drew from the divorce of the part of Germany where Bach, Goethe, Novalis, and Steiner had worked from the West.  All the latent forces of Slavic brotherhood, and those of the Center that had the mission to lead the West to grasp and serve them, were freed to come back into contact with the Western thinkers that, under the tutelage of Moon and Hubbard, had prepared themselves for the realization of the highest ideals of peace, having been protected by these teachers from the descent into resignation characterized above.  But at that key moment when all the fresh and unfolding powers liberated to move about the planet began this movement, a machination was successful that channeled them all into a dream of economic prosperity rather than permit them to do their work of awakening humanity to the potential that the ideal of Peace, can, after all, be realized.  Once again the world's attention was distracted from what was truly possible to something illusory, under cover of which a world order based on the sheer arbitrary use of power in the name of "human rights" prevailed over the possibility that new forces of discourse could enter world civilization.  This is the background to the Bosnian conflict; 9/11 was one response to it.


As Prof. Hansen points out repeatedly in his work, the way we treat those we consider ultimately evil becomes the greatest test of our ability to maintain any semblance of our own humanity.  From Hitler to Milosevich to Hussein to Bin Laden, the West has time after time showed the poverty of its thinking out of the Christ impulse.


Are we going to free the one who subscribed to the shedding of blood in the name of ideals of liberation, or the one who was ready to shed His own Blood so no one else would ever have to?  This was the choice certain souls incarnated in America faced, for example, in the late nineteenth century world-historical phenomenon of John Brown.  One by one, souls most prepared to recognize the power of ideals of peace to be realized by spiritual means, and by the quality of discourse these means make possible, submitted to an impulse to be moved by John Brown's commitment to human equality more than they were moved by Christ's determination that this equality must emerge peacefully.  By choosing John Brown's methods over those of Christ, they put themselves in the position between death and the next birth to become subject to an insidious influence:  One that has the power to instrumentalize such souls in their next incarnation for political ends because the thinking consciousness that would permit them to continue their evolution in a regular way has been overshadowed, dulled, by their choice of the Will over the need to develop a Thinking that can penetrate the mysteries of race.  This is the background of the Left, which eventually came to support the Bolshevist movement and was naturally all the more asleep to what was possible when the Berlin Wall fell.  Its key error in the sphere of Thought was to embrace the notion of "class" distinctions rather than to come to see the connection between Money and Blood.  Souls gain a relationship of freedom to the material world through Money in connection with the way that their bloodline has been or is becoming a vessel for souls to incarnate into the material who can use the bodies formed out of that bloodline more or less freely in their encounter with the world of Creation.


The Right, in the meantime, preserved a certain devotion to moral Thought in spite of the animalism of adherents of Darwin, but this was drawn into a lower sphere where these souls wrestled with sexual questions and gradually lost contact with the power to experience sexual life as connected to all life on Earth.  The Left embraced the ideal of a "classless" society based on naive ignorance of the mysteries of race in the evolution of diversity in civilization; the Right preserved a sense of the holiness (integrity) of bloodlines, but in a way that failed to note the folk souls' movement in the direction of uniting all bloodlines, gradually, into the One Bloodline of Humanity that is the promise of Christ's Blood.


In the case of both the Left and the Right, powerful forces of bestial viciousness have been able to take up residence in the foundations of soul after soul after soul, not based on any conscious uniting of such souls with such forces, but by the power of default, in the vacuum created by the absence of the ideal of peace as something that can be realized peacefully when the One Blood of Humanity is recognized as that toward which all evolution tends.  Gandhi, King, Mother Teresa were souls sent to embody this attitude, to keep it alive amongst any who could muster the will to resist its opposition in the soul.  A perfect symptom of what was at work to obscure this Light, for example, is the way in which the consecration of Mother Teresa's body to the Earth was celebrated under the overwhelming shadow of fascination with the violent death just before of an English princess in a tunnel in Paris who had become the embodiment of rebellion against the the expectations of her bloodline.


Every single one of us has the opportunity to decide if we are going to unite with impulses of rebellion in the name of outer "liberty" and "equality", or if, rather, we are going to muster that inner rebellion against the tendency to animalistic glee at the idea of winning that is the only truly Christ-centered rebellion.  The Christ impulse only ever rejoices at successful cooperation toward the transformation of evil, which is not of flesh and blood.


The opportunity that presented itself in 1989 will come again.  Will we have prepared ourselves to meet it by recognizing whatever willingness may characterize us to participate in the competitive (animalistic) tendencies of world business, which are, more and more, to divorce Money from all relation to Blood--the bearer of the "I" in man--and doing something to transform that gateway within our own souls to the Beast of the Abyss?  For it is truly only our will to participate in this divorce that is necessary for all the powers of Hell to make us their unwitting instrument in the agenda that we each become bloodless components of a vast Mechanism that literally feeds on human flesh, draining it of blood as it devours the Earth itself in service to its own (illegitimate) Schooling.


A key way for these powers to gain unfettered access to the human bloodstream is for them to infiltrate it via the nervous system, by filling the astral body with ceaselessly trivial thoughts from the spheres of finance, business, and electronics.  As the human being is distracted in this sea of purely outer ephemera, he loses control over the power of creative and beautiful speech.  The cosmic and organic rhythms of the Word are thus replaced by the mechanical rhythms of convenient shorthand that by-passes the Heart, and these powers slip into the place of the human "I", all in the name of the "right" they convince their human lackeys these have to communicate by whatever means is available.  The "right" to speak becomes all, the obligation to speak beautifully, or to listen, nothing.


Out of the Christ impulse, we renounce our rights in the name of others' dignity.


Another route of access to the nervous system is, of course, through the use of pharmaceuticals.  Every change in consciousness that is in any way effected by the introduction of chemical substance for this purpose from without is laid claim to by these powers, who see to it that such changes serve their agenda.


Most importantly:  The powers in question find more and more ready access to the bloodstream directly through the power of sexual stimulation to produce the movement  of the blood associated with such stimulation.  They seek to convince the human being that impressing a member of the opposite sex intellectually in order to bring them to submit to sexual contact is a triumphant use of intelligence; this gives them direct power over the nervous system, conceived by materialists as constituting a "wiring" system governed by evolution based on the "survival of the fittest."  This particular infiltration of the nervous system causes human souls who accept this calculation to open their hearts and bloodstream directly to the most brutal powers seeking to instrumentalize human beings who are themselves behaving in a fashion that instrumentalizes one another for sex.


The central target of these powers is and since the separation of the sexes always has been woman's womb, because that is where new bodies are "manufactured", from their perspective, that must be made to serve the purpose of the Mechanism.  The womb must be experienced as nothing more or less than a laboratory within which life is created, or not created, entirely based upon calculations in advance regarding how this new body is or is not going to fit into the organization of bodies in systems of finance, education, and health care.


The Left is most easily seduced by the mechanistic notion of evolution these powers propagate in service to their aims, whereas the Right conceives a mechanistic "moral" order based on the idea of "one man-one woman" (penis in vagina) as the basis of all true "righteousness."  The reality, of course, is that evolution occurs out of the guidance of selfless beings who regard all mechanics as trivial, and that true righteousness is and can only ever begin with the individual's relationship with his or her Creator, which will never result in anything predictable.


John Stirling Walker