A "Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth"

The task of the Institute for Hypostatic Science is to produce spiritual activity in line with the intentions of the occult Goetheanum. What this means is that a direct connection needs to be maintained between what gave rise to the existence of the School for Spiritual Science through the work of Rudolf Steiner and what seeks to inform the striving of IHS participants.

On February 29, 2008, the step was taken to constitute an initiative within the IHS that is to fulfill the intentions living in Rudolf Steiner's creation of a "Section for the Spiritual Striving of Youth" when he took over the administrative leadership of a newly reconstituted Anthroposophical Society at the Christmas Conference of 1923 at the Goetheanum. These intentions were to provide a context culturally and socially within which young people could find what was necessary to discover and to meet their truest destiny. In this time, that "truest destiny" is inevitably connected to what has come to the Earth as a eugenic occultism through the efforts of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, as well as what has begun to lay the foundations for a mechanic occultism through the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard.

L. Ron Hubbard's son Quentin committed suicide in Las Vegas on October 28, 1976, at the age of nineteen.

Rev. Moon's son Young Jin died by what is considered to have been suicide by legal authorities in Reno on October 28, 1999, at the age of 22; his body was discovered within hours of the delivery by IHS participants of a report to the headquarters of the Moon movement in Washington, D.C. detailing their conversations with the President of the Church of Scientology about a meeting to be arranged between him and Sun Myung Moon.

The deaths by suicide or purported suicide of these two young men on the same date in different years, in the two major gambling cities in the gambling state of Nevada, the latter death occurring just as efforts were being made by representatives of the impulse for interconvictional diplomacy flowing from hypostatic science to bring the two movements together, can serve as an example of something at work in the world that is symptomatic of the connection between these two occultisms of East and West whose emergence was predicted by Rudolf Steiner (in connection with the emergence, in Central Europe, of a third, "hygienic"occultism.)

Young people striving within the Youth Initiative of the Institute for Hypostatic Science do so best if they do so in consciousness of the sacrifice of Quentin Hubbard and of Young Jin Moon for hypostatic science (anthroposophy.)

Further information on the Youth Initiative of the IHS is available by contacting Jean Fred Pirault (jeanfredpirault@gmail.com.)