What is hypostatic science?

The term hypostatic science comes from the Greek word "hypostasis": the substance or underlying basis of the Incarnation, conceived as divine Personhood. Hypostatic science is the pursuit of knowledge of the relationship between spiritual and physical-material reality, i.e., the pursuit of insight into the substance of phenomena. It is another name for anthroposophy.

What does "Rosicrucian-Manichean" refer to?

The Rosicrucian path is one informed by the presence supersensibly of forces that flow from the work of Christian Rosenkreuz, a special initiate in the history of the mission of Western spiritual development. A Rosicrucian path is one that honors, in an ultimate sense, the freedom of the individual as the deepest inner core of their spiritual nature. On a Rosicrucian path, there is no guidance unless sought, no direction from any outer source, and no thought except the thought of man's destiny to develop the capacities that will allow him to act, at all times and in all ways, out of the Christ-in-me.

Manichean, in the context of hypostatic scientific consciousness, refers to the impulse to transform the evils of the physical-material plane through the highest kind of spiritual love-in-action.

How is the Institute for Hypostatic Science a school?

There are 42 lessons available to individuals who request the opportunity to work with them. These lessons are exercises we call "imaginative" because they involve the capacity to work with inner mental pictures that are reflections of transcendent, supersensible realities in their effect upon Earthly existence. The 42 lessons of the IHS were prepared in order to give people raised in the post-World War II and post-Vietnam culture access to impulses that need to help human beings find their way to the Class Lessons given by Rudolf Steiner before his death in 1925. The schooling activity of the IHS exists to serve individuals' preparation for these higher Lessons.

Who is John Stirling Walker?

On Sunday, November 24, 1991, on Twin Peaks in the city of San Francisco, California, in the early hours before and after dawn, John Stirling Walker was asked to take upon himself a task on behalf of Christian Rosenkreuz. At the time he was a member of the movement of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, but found himself, almost immediately after this experience, on the way to being evicted from the Moon organization. (For a statement from the Moon business figure whose early support--together with that of several of his subordinates--for this work led to their also being evicted, click

The task he was asked to take on involved the pursuit of relationships with human beings with whom he was to be brought into contact that could further the establishment of true brotherhood on Earth.

John Stirling Walker crossed the threshold at 1:33 am on Friday, May 20, 2011, at the age of 49.