The Order of Etheria

Seven Principles
for Development Toward
the Experience of
the Second Coming of Christ in the Etheric

I. Order in things

Look at a living thing every day, caring for it and observing how it grows and develops, and how you feel about it when you look at it.

See to it that nonliving things have a special place, so that they can feel valued and loved.

II. Individual independence

Don't let your family or friends affect you in your decisions about what you need to do with your life, even if they make fun of you or think it strange.

Be able to think about what you read before allowing others to tell you their thoughts about it.

III. Observation

Face to face observation is the best way to relate to another person or situation.

IV. Obligation

Do what you think is right for the other person, and continue doing that so that they can feel that you love them.

Study and pray, so that your internal development can come closer to a cosmic consciousness.

V. Contemplation

Question, and reason about, how you have experienced your life from your childhood to the present, and try to come to the realm of being grateful about your experiences.

VI. Christ

When you listen to another's experiences, try to make them your own and put yourself in the shoes of being the mother, the daughter, the sister of that person. Observe how this impacts you inside and brings a certain renewal to your life.

Christ wants to be in everybody, and loves everybody, so when you have that experience you are actually experiencing Christ.

VII. Parousia

In order to get to the experience of seeing Christ now in the age of His return, you have to be willing to give up whatever anyone taught you or told you that was a lie, so that you can be empty and then refilled with the love that can make you a universal being, as contrasted with the more personal experience described in VI.

This experience of universal love is like an experience of true sexual communion--the source of all life--an experience that begins in the realm of formative forces, or "the etheric", which is where Christ is now, having "returned" there in the mid-1930's. (These "formative forces" are the forces of growth that result in the procreative impulse as they move to bring growth forward through generations...)

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