The Medical Community of Hermes

Medical Work Out of the Impulse of Hypostatic Science

In 1995, due to the work of a mighty concentration of forces, the healing of a Japanese woman who had suffered from grand mal seizures for many years was effected through the cooperation that had emerged as possible between two gathered together in the spirit of Christ.

This one case of healing is representative of the potential of hypostatic science to lead to the kind of help for illness that Christianity has always promised.  What has transpired, in the eight decades since the death of Rudolf Steiner, to subject Western--and gradually world--civilization to the most backward of medical impulses constitutes a tragedy which, if its scope were truly grasped, would bring humanity to its knees.

A community has emerged among the participants in the work of the Institute for Hypostatic Science that hereby expresses its dedication to the possibility that the opportunity for incidents of healing such as that of the Japanese woman referred to above will continue to emerge out of its work.  In this spirit, it also must express its commitment to the work of Christine Maggiore, whose courage and sacrifice in the face of the opposition to her stand on the question of the causality of the "HIV virus" in the phenomenon of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome are manifestations of the Christ impulse in its purest form.

John Stirling Walker