The Center for Psychosophical Studies

One aspect of the insight occult or esoteric science (the science of the hidden) can provide into matters of the deepest concern to the individual human being is the one pertaining to the distinction between what is universal and what is personal. Hypostatic science identifies the former as connected to what is meant with the word "spirit", and the latter as involved with the life of the "soul."

What is the relationship, in this language, between the spiritual life and the life of the soul? It is the struggle between one's ideals and the inner realities of thinking, feeling, and willing.

Ideals belong to all of humanity; the idea of an ultimate truth, beauty, or goodness towards which individuals may strive is a universal one, one that transcends the limitations of race, belief, or culture. In the reality of inner experience in daily life, however, these limitations, and others related to family life, upbringing, and myriad other forms of experience, make themselves felt. Beyond this, there is a reality behind the idea of sin or karma which must also be explored by any seeking seriously to bring about a harmonization of the capacity for ideals and the forces within that so often seem to work against that capacity.

The Center for Psychosophical Studies strives to address such matters, through courses of study that permit would-be psychosophical practitioners to develop a picture of the cosmos and the soul's place in it and relationship to it that can form the basis of inspirations serving therapy. The foundations of the work of the Center for Psychosophical Studies were laid through the membership of its founder, John Stirling Walker, in the Working Circle for Psychology of the Working Group for Philosophy and Pscyhology at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland from 1996 until its work came to an end in 2003.

"Psychosophy" is wisdom about the soul, the descent of which into human social intercourse and therapy was prepared by the work of Rudolf Steiner.

In February of 2006, the Center began to offer workshops on Head-forces, Heart-forces, and Maldestination. A brief description of the phenomenon being referred to with the word maldestination can be found here. Information about workshops is available here.

The work of the Center for Psychosophical Studies includes an occult dimension--work, that is to say, involving discarnate or never-incarnated forces--whose nature and scope is addressed in its educational work. A characterization of the basis of the occult side of the Center's work can be found on the IHS page, here.