Fourteen years ago, John Stirling Walker, a student at the Unification Theological Seminary, was brought into my territory of responsibility in connection with a business enterprise designed to support the school. In the course of our association, I came to see that John possessed a kind of internal depth and intuition that surpassed our contemporaries within the Unification Movement, including both the teachers and the elders. His insight charted a perfect link between the substance of life grounded within human relationships and that sacrificial love ignited upon the earth through the presence and words of Jesus. As such, it struck against any and all deviations from the "Re-Creation of the True Family of Humankind" (Rev. Moon's teaching) promulgated by even the most well-meaning within the movement. John's insight seemed to provide a path, unlike any I had understood prior, for moving the realm of the ideal into the domain of the ordinary. Though he was misunderstood by many, and in effect isolated by the Unification organization as a whole, he has maintained a steadfastness in his pursuit of "True Family" upon this earth, expanding his reach through touching simple men and women of various groups and movements through his insight and intuition. All in all, he is paving the way for a unification of thought that may at once both embrace and elevate humanity by bringing each of us closer towards the fulfillment of that universal aspiration for peace on earth, good will to all men.

John Raucci
November 24, 2005


As of Epiphany of 2008, Mr. Raucci has distanced himself from the purposes of the Institute for Hypostatic Science and the Brotherhood Project, primarily in connection with his confessed inability to comprehend John Stirling Walker's assertion that encounters among men that involve a sexual element do not in and of themselves by their nature exclude God, and that, indeed, God may work in them directly.