The Institute for Hypostatic Science


The Center for Psychosophical Studies


Head-Forces, Heart-Forces, and Maldestination:  Finding One‘s Path with Spiritual Factuality


A Three-Day Workshop for Seekers of Wisdom


Day One, evening:


Mathematicality, Selfless Intuition, and the Power of Self-Deception

a lecture


followed by


A Musical Interlude




Day Two, morning:




Exercises on Mathematicality


followed by




Day Two, afternoon:


Exercises on Selfless Intuition




followed by


Mutual, voluntary, and chaste therapeutic touching


Day Two, evening:

Enacting Destiny:  Psychodramatic Presentation

Day Three, morning:




The Power of Self-Deception:  Exercises on Honesty


Circle of Consultation on the Question of Maldestination




This workshop offers participants the opportunity to come into contact inwardly with powers whose nature is that they can facilitate the harmonization of head-thinking (mathematicality) with heart-thinking (humanity.)  Head-thinking centers around the awareness of the measurable dimensionality of the physically real, heart-thinking around the consciousness of the humanly real, i.e., the soul-ful.  A proper balancing of these two tendencies results in the capacity for selfless intuition:  the knowledge that enables one to choose the Good in any situation.  The lack of the balancing of these two tendencies results in maldestination:  the loss of one‘s true destiny to the consequences of self-deception, i.e., to the results of putting head-thinking above heart-thinking where human matters are concerned, or heart-thinking above head-thinking where matters of pure factuality are concerned.  The workshop concludes with a Circle of Consultation, an organ for the development of community among workshop participants that can prepare them to see what, if anything, is possible or needed in the way of on-going contact amongst them as they pursue their true destiny.