On August 24, 1924, in a lecture in London, Rudolf Steiner said the following to gathered English representatives of the anthroposophical impulse, about the effect of the Christmas Conference of 1923 at the Goetheanum:

Now, my dear friends, we can see that hearts are taking up with great receptivity what is esoteric as it has been flowing, as well, through all of the lecture content and activity since the Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum. And we must hope that this will be true in the future, as well, even though, perhaps, as matters stand, a mild tone is noticeable here--thanks to the conservative sense of things in England--that it would be lovely to continue with affairs as they were without the insertion of that which is to proceed from the Goetheanum entirely out of the will of the anthroposophical movement itself. But, of course, something possibly progressive will also make its way gradually into this conservatism...I know how much one clings to what happens to have become custom in any civilization. But we certainly must be able to raise our sensibility to the awareness, my dear friends, that the anthroposophical movement is, of course, something new altogether in relation to everything in the world, and that it is extraordinarily difficult--indeed, in many areas, impossible--to continue to cultivate this new thing in the old forms. On the other hand, it is naturally difficult for the human being to find the new form for the new content.

From the standpoint of an initiative like the Institute for Hypostatic Science and its related Brotherhood Project, on whose website the preceding essays are to be published, it is essential that readers emerge who can hear, in the words above, the following as "subtext" if that term so popular in post-modern academic life is understood as a reference to realities that can be discerned as objectively present "behind" or "in" a given "narrative" in a hidden, or occult, way:

Now, my dear colleagues in the sphere of the English-speaking world whose Inspirator is the Archangel Gabriel:

As a representative of his brother the Archangel Michael, I stand before you here in the city on this island which is the outer expression of an occult center for your people to declare that the age has arrived when those of you loyal to Gabriel's work on behalf of his great Superior in the sphere of the Moon, Jehovah, must come to see how Michael, who serves Jehovah's Superiors in the sphere of the Sun (His Superiors in the sense of those who have sent their colleague to serve humanity in a lower position as a necessary sacrifice to protect humanity from opposition active in and around that "lower" sphere), must be permitted (beginning) at this time to bring his impulses into a relationship to your striving that does not seek in any way to interfere with or dishonor that striving's relationship to the past, but must help it find its way into an activity designed to serve the new future dawning with the end of the Age of Darkness.

A spectre of the Age of Darkness, over for more than a century, threatens, now, to keep humanity beholden to forces whose influence it must now transcend. A spirit of diplomacy permeates Steiner's speech, and produces, in it, the Christ-Michael language that anthroposophists, or hypostatic scientists, must adopt in all of their activity in the world if they hope to prevail in their own efforts to make this known.

Pioneering activity to bring forth the New will fail where it is not accompanied by this awareness, and by the skill required to put it into practical service to pioneers; and the skill referred to is available thanks to the communication technology of L. Ron Hubbard correctly understood. Through him, Michael's successor Oriphiel has given the tools for man to come into the period of judgement--some two hundred years from now--Oriphiel's regency always represents with the least possible regret for omissions that have served, on the other hand, the pioneers' Opponent.


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