The GLBT Community and the Second Coming of Christ in the Etheric

With the advent of the sexual revolution, it is possible to become aware of the kind of change in the very constitution of Earthly affairs that bespeaks the work of transformative forces of the greatest imaginable power. Within a few decades, humanity has come to wrestle publicly with questions placed before it by the increasingly open and unabashed behavior of countless souls whose sense of freedom in matters sexual has attained a degree of intensity that has withstood even the idea of a world viral plague transmitted by sexual intercourse.

What is the source of this sense of liberty, of freedom from the mores that held bound the generations of Earth until now to deeds in the sexual life that either conformed to the natural demands of family life or, if they did not, were, with a few exceptions in the decadent cities of civilization, hidden from the eyes of those whose horror and disgust would have meant death or, at the very least, brutal censure?

Though it is possible to suggest that the revolution in question really only has reference to the urban life of Western civilization and its satellites, and that the sense of its having world significance really has only to do with the way in which images of and ideas about the revolution are conveyed by media organs whose seat is these same urban areas, the very existence of a technology which can convey the mood of liberty that characterizes the lives of those who make up much of the population where the revolution has penetrated is itself a testimony to something at work occultly that wishes to see to it that this mood affects us planetwide. Is this "something at work" not merely the opposition to all that can produce in the human soul a commitment to the virtues of temperance, loyalty, honor for parents, and familial love?

An answer to this question can emerge through contemplation of the relationship between the new-found sense of liberty and the individual's relationship to higher worlds. Through the activity of Sorat and his Ahrimanic superiors, humanity came to lose its feeling-sense of the divinity inspiring procreative impulses, which reside, to start with, in the deepest nature of the etheric body, a gift to humanity made possible by the cosmic sacrifice of the Kyriotetes, the Spirits of Wisdom. This loss of feeling-connectedness especially to the realm of the Archangels, whose warmth weaves wonders of glory and beauty in just the sexual realm for those who have "washed their robes" and consecrated their procreative powers back to the origins of them, has produced for mankind a shriveling of its inspirative capacities: the capacity to feel and know the interconnectedness of all things and the order amongst them which reveals itself as meaning in the cosmos. This inspirative capacity becomes a possession of humanity's "I", we learn from the fruits of occult research, only, in the truest sense, through the unfolding of evolution as it brings forth what will emerge, in this respect, on Venus, the planetary incarnation sixth in the line of seven making up this cycle that produces Perfected Man as the Tenth Hierarchy. In the meantime, Man's ability to hear, speak, and act in accordance with the inspirative powers approaching him in that distant future time to become a feature of his own being depends upon--in Earth evolution--the work with him precisely of the Archangels, who are developing the inspirative capacity as their own inevitable advance just now, and--in Jupiter evolution--upon the Angels, who will be guiding Man out of that inspirative capacity they will be developing to aid him in his own becoming a being of True Imagination.

When we consider, then, the power of the sexual impulse to generate devotion to the other, and the way in which this power, properly applied, may serve connections between human beings that elevate rather than trivialize the human body as the expression of the most profound creative love of higher worlds; when we consider, in turn, the sense of individual dignity that, though undermined by sexual license, blossoms forth with an irresistible strength in those who know themselves pure in their sexual striving; and, finally, when we consider the way in which countless young people's sense of this individual dignity has made them champions of the cause of equality--however distorted or misunderstood in the thought-conception of many--we can begin to fathom how the sexual revolution, in its hidden and most central source of inspiration, has flowed from the activity supersensibly of powers dedicated to the ideal of democracy that finds expression, for example, in the following words of Walt Whitman:

"What Christ appear'd for in the moral-spiritual field for human-kind, namely, that in respect to the absolute soul, there is in the possession of such by each single individual, something so transcendent, so incapable of gradations, (like life), that, to that extent, it places all beings on a common level, utterly regardless of the distinctions of intellect, virtue, station, or any height or lowliness whatever--is tallied in like manner, in this other [political] field, by democracy's rule that men, the nation, as a common aggregate of living identities, affording in each a separate and complete subject for freedom...and happiness, and for a fair chance for growth...must, to the political extent...if no further, be placed, in each and on the whole, on one broad, primary, universal, common platform.

"...[T]o become an enfranchised man, and now, impediments removed, to stand and start without humiliation, and equal with the rest; to commence, or have the road clear'd to commence, the grand experiment of development, whose end, (perhaps requiring several generations,) may be the forming of a full-grown man or woman--that is something."

The impulse for equality that burst forth, simultaneous with the sexual revolution, in the movement led by Martin Luther King, Jr. and in the gay rights movement that began with Stonewall, in spite of all the Ahrimanic and other opposition powers can do to distort and pervert it into a source of conflict, misunderstanding, hatred, and oppression of the individual by the democratic tendency referred to as "political correctness", has its origin in just the sphere where "something so transcendent, so incapable of gradations, like life"--the weaving of interactions among beings inextricably and eternally connected as are, on a less transcendent plane, the tissues and organs of the human body one with another--comes to pass: the etheric. In the words of King, "We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." These thoughts give expression to an ideal of community that is precisely the Venus ideal: the emergence of a consciousness of interconnectedness among human beings and all beings that makes it impossible for any individual to harm another because any such harm would be just exactly harm to one's own very Self.

And the power of love that began to reveal itself in new and renewing ways in the sphere where reside these weaving forces of interconnectedness and life, whose power to manifest as the feeling of oneness not only with the Other, but with the cosmos itself in the experience of orgasm bespeaks better than any other human phenomenon something of the real nature of the realm in question; the power of warmth that fired the likes of a Mother Theresa or a King, that had dawned upon individuals like Joseph Smith and Walt Whitman the century before but only in the twentieth began to manifest itself in ways that have transformed and are transforming the thoughts, feelings, and impulses of will, gradually, of every living human being regarding the matters that can effect the deepest personal happiness or despair--matters pertaining to and surrounding the sexual life; the power of light that has begun to radiate in human consciousness throughout the Earth as human beings, more and more, begin to resonate with the truth that we are all sons and daughters of the same high divine Being; this power of love, this power of warmth, this power of light, is none other than that same power that descended into the body of Jesus of Nazareth "like a dove" at his baptism by John the Baptist in the Jordan river--the power of Christ, the Logos. The Parousia has occurred, and will and is being "seen" by those who have prepared themselves, like the ten wise virgins whose lamps were ready.

That, in conjunction with this cosmic and planetary unfolding, a movement would emerge to defend the quality of brotherhood surrounding Socrates and sisterhood on the island of Lesbos and produce opportunities for rethinking social and economic life, freeing it from its boundness to ancient traditions of blood-relation and, eventually, the shame that produces the feeling of a need for "privacy" in economic matters, centered on the shattering but unavoidable reality that same-sex sexual relations do not participate in the degradation heterosexual ones do when men have not attained the capacity to exclude Sorat's impulses from their own sexual activity, because same-sex relations do not give Sorat access to the heart of the etheric constitution of women, the ultimate treasure for which the Spirits of Wisdom sacrificed their very Being on Old Sun, manifest outwardly in the womb--that the GLBT movement would emerge out of the same inspiration, Christ's power of love for humanity irradiating the etheric since the mid-1930's (33 years later the Sexual Revolution began)--this is foreseen by Whitman in the same prophetic writing, Democratic Vistas:

"It is to the development, identification, and general prevalence of that fervid comradeship (the adhesive [same-sex] love, at least rivaling the amative [heterosexual] love hitherto possessing imaginative literature, if not going beyond it), that I look for the counterbalance and offset of our materialistic and vulgar American democracy, and for the spiritualization thereof."


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