The Mission of the Bodhisattva in an Age of Gender Confusion

When Martin Luther King, Jr. fell to an assassin's bullet, it was the culmination of the epoch of sacrifice that began with the murders of William McKinley and Elizabeth of Bavaria. During that seventy year period, Sorat was doing everything in his power to undermine the qualities of truth, beauty, and goodness that were inevitable as the outgrowth of the end of Kali Yuga.

Through the work of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, a great victory was accomplished that coincided with the Tet offensive. Sorat's power to undermine King represented his last stand.

When Marie von Sivers dismissed the work of Valentin Tomberg for the eugenic occultism as "childish games," the bodhisattva's destiny to arise among anthroposophists was thwarted. He has returned in another way, and will work on-goingly for the purification and brotherhood King embodied at the highest level for his time in mainstream civilization.

What is his mission, more specifically? It is to teach a quality of thought that begins to recognize, in the movement of thought and the movement of feeling within the soul, impersonal forces that work to distract the "I" from its evolution towards the stage in its development when, through love for all of humanity that will result in every form of insincerity being repudiated, it becomes capable of permeating the physical body without division and without force.

This permeation of the physical sheath with the forces of "I"-consciousness is all the more urgent as a demand of this stage of Consciousness Soul evolution since the Sexual Revolution has brought with it--thanks to the absence of anthroposophical awareness, on the world level, that could enlighten souls as to the real distinction between man and woman, the reverse constitution of their respective etheric bodies--all manner of confusion, disorder, discontent, resentment, fear, retaliatory impulses, etc., etc., etc. among men and women. The moral degeneration that occurs when human beings begin to regard procreative impulses in light of materialistic ideas of the human body and its evolution rapidly produces consequences occultly and physiologically that prevent the highest divine powers from continuing to guide civilization's development directly. Their "antidote": a quality and power of love for the higher individuality that, through the bodhisattva's activity, will give more and more people on Earth the capacity to recognize in one another spiritual siblings one in heart and consciousness, so that the community of man can begin to look down, as it were, upon the pettiness and mendacity more and more coming to characterize sexual relations from the heights of insight into the real human nature.

There is no greater service that can be done, if all of the above is true, to the impulse of racial transcendence embodied in the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. than to unite, wherever one may find opportunity, with the impulses of the bodhisattva.


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